Wonder woman comics book

Wonder woman comics book


Most Popular Batman Toy Lines

Batman is a superhero character from DC comics. The action figures of Batman has evolved over the years since the first launch in 1960. Batman series has comics, movies, and animated TV series. Of all the action figures some are still popular among the people. Websites like thegothamarchives.com represent the love of the fans Batman has from the fans. Among all the action heroes most probably Batman toys are higher in number. Different brands have made themselves renowned by only selling Batman toys. People of different ages like Batman. Batman is everyone’s favorite superhero. The Batman statue is one of the most popular figures in the animation industry.

Batman figures are changed from time to time. Every new Batman episode comes with newer improved figures and the new figure takes the market within days. The Batman toys are named after the move or comic series names. The toys come with significance with the movie or comic character. However, among the most popular Batman figures five are listed below:

Animated:Batman animated series is one of the most popular Batman figures. In this toy series, the manufacturers produced some special characters. Villains like Poison Ivy, Scarecrow was first introduced in this animated movie. People from different parts of the world liked these toys and bought them. The manufacturer brands earned millions of revenues. The Batman fans collected this item as a symbol of their love to Batman. Also, some people bought the figures of the villains as the villains attracted them. Animate Batman with the villains of the movie still has its appeal to the Batman fans.

Dark Night: The Batman dark knight toys were mainly marketed in 2008. The toy line is significant to others because of the size. All of the figures are 5 inches sized. The Batman figure looked cool and on the other hand, the villain Joker had a cartoon type look. People loved this toy line. These toys were popular for another reason also. This line had Batmobile and other popular gadgets like the utility belt, Batarang etc. This was a collectible series for the Batman fans.

Joker: Joker is the most popular villain among all the Batman enemies. Joker has a place in Batman fans heart because of his arrogance, intelligence, and madness. Joker has shown the society about the imbalances and the reason for people being bad. Joker action figures are available in different colors and sizes. Among all the villain figure lovers joker is a must collectible item.

Hush: Hush is a mysterious character who wants to sabotage Batman. It is a must collectible item for all the Batman lovers. Hush mainly appeared in thecomic book but all the batman fans remember Hush because of the mystery in the character.

Batman Begins: Batman begins toy line was mainly introduced in 2005. This series looks great and a must collectible item for the Batman fans. Also, it comes with speed bike, Batarang, and 14-inch armed projectiles.

These toy lines of Batman grabbed a huge share of the market when they launched.

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